Over the course of four months in 2009, "Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs," the largest and most comprehensive display of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs ever shown in the United States, formally opened at the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics at the University of Mississippi. Engulfing the entire Center as well as the journalism school, the exhibit featured 138 images drawn from each year's winning entries from 1941 until the award-winning 2009 photographs.

When the photographs first went on display, my adviser sparked a great idea to promote awareness for the exhibit through a scavenger hunt which she then asked me to develop. My first objective was to format how the promotion would work. I decided to have a list of 10 photographers names who participants would match with their corresponding work in the exhibit.

To ensure that the competition could not be easily cheated, five differrent lists were made with the help of my officer team's selection of their favorite 10 photographs. Participants would have to finish and return the list with a time stamp placed by the journalism department receptionist. Those who completed their lists correctly and in the fastest time would receive one of ten prizes. The use of prizes added an extra incentive to encourage participation. Each officer was assigned different merchants around Oxford to request donations.

Prior to the start of the awareness program, I decided to simply title the promotion "Capture the Moment: Find the Moment." I also designed an 11x17 size flyer that was posted around the department and emailed through our department listserve. The promotion was a well received success with 165 students participating.