Speaker Events

The very first speaker that I arranged for SPJ was Rose Jackson Flenorl, the Manager of Social Responsibility and Ethnic Outreach for FedEx. Her many accomplishments coupled with her inspirational speeches make her a power house role model. Not only did I enjoy working with Flenorl in arranging the program but this was also the first time I had designed a speaker poster.

One of my favorite speakers that I arranged was political cartoonist and Pulitzer finalist, Marshall Ramsey. I had the opportunity to listen to Ramsey twice in the past and his comedic, heart-felt accessibility made for an ideal speaker. I decided that as a cartoonist, Ramsey would need a different kind of poster. Using his signature and an image from his second book, I designed my favorite poster. In order to snuggly fit the entire image in the 11x17 frame, I actually had to edit the image to create the bottom triangle of George Bush's suit.

The other poster I enjoyed creating was the Hank Klibanoff Keynote Speaker poster for our chapter's bench dedication to honor Paul Guihard, the journalist who was murdered in the Ole Miss 1962 James Meredith riots. It gave me the chance to get fancy with both a really great image of Klibanoff and the SPJ 100 years logo. The glory in creating and executing this event solely rested on my adviser who had been working on this project for more than a year. For me the honor was in designing this poster, assisting her as needed and the privilege of moderating the afternoon event where we unveiled the bench.